Hi Guys,

I hope you are well. I am writing to ask for your support for Cursed, A Supernatural Drama, the First African American Supernatural Television Series that is airing this year in its first city, Los Angeles.  Last year we had a successful campaign that raised $1485.00.  It wasn’t a lot of money but it helped to turn our webs series into a television series and it helped in many other ways as well.  I wanted to let you know all that we have accomplished with your donations.

We Gave Great Actors Exciting Roles!

We gave work to hardworking talented life long actors giving them significant dignified roles Your donation has helped black artists grow.

  • ·      James Black in Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management
  • ·      Roy Werner in Weeds
  • ·      John Wesley, NAACP Award Winner
We Hired Young People of Color In Key Positions To Support Their Career Aspirations!

While we have very experienced professionals among our crew.  We were excited to provide opportunities to black youth.  Wherever possible, our young people showed their mastery in the areas of graphic design, make up artistry, sound, marketing and music,  not assitant and gopher work.

  • ·      Maya Stormy Ray 17 year  old Production Assistant 
  • ·      Kristin Watkins 20 year old Lead Graphic Designer 
  • ·      Cherese 20 year old Production Assistant
  • ·      Rahul Mullick was our 19 year old brilliant composer.
  • ·      Ari Adams 22 year old Marketing Assistant
  • ·      Laetitia Anguh 20 year old Make up artist.

 We Created The First African American Supernatural Television Drama!

Cursed grew from a web series to television series with your support.  Cursed can be seen every Friday at 3AM after Tyler Perry Meets The Browns and before Cold Case on KDOC-TV. Each Friday, we entertain about 27K viewers. It’s the first African American supernatural drama to be seen by viewers online and here in Los Angeles on television.

·         We brought to life, with your donations, the first African American Angel for all the world to see. Our YouTube demographics tell us they are watching everywhere from The United States to Africa.

We Are Getting Inspired Feedback From Our Viewers!

But what interests me more is the response that I received recently from a young black girl, from Inglewood, California, who caught the show on television last Friday.  She said, “ I LOVE YOUR SHOW.” 

I find that so heartwarming, because after all, we’re making this show just for her.  We want to provide strong role models to black men and women…in a way that hasn’t been done before.

With your donations I wrote, casted, produced, shopped and negotiated on behalf of our project.

In our next shoot we are improving Cursed by bringing in new talent and being seen in new cities. We’ve hired 2 writers, will be shooting more days, will have a more expensive crew and we need your continued donations to do so.

Please continue to support Cursed… your donation is important. http://igg.me/p/264487?a=1028504 

Thank you,

Yuri Brown