Fall Sponsors of Cursed

MAC Cosmetics
Professional makeup artist quality cosmetics. Offering more than
100 shades for eyes, lips and face…everything a makeup addict can't
live without.

Koils by Nature
Koils by Nature

Koils by Nature is a woman owned company, that provides quality and affordable all natural hair and skincare products for the entire family. Recognizing that women want quality products for themselves and their families, Koils by Nature is here to provide great products for a great price. I make every product by hand and with love in sterile and safe environment. I care about what you put on your hair & body and this is why I use the best ingredients from nature. - Koils By Nature, CEO, Pamela Jenkins

Luster Pink  
Luster's Pink Your hair is an essential style statement and this Luster's Pink® Stylin Shaper wants to provide you with easy steps to create a chic hairstyle you
can call you own.

Budweiser Budweiser: the Great American Lager. Nothing refreshes better under the hot
sun or after a hard day of work than Budweiser beer from Anheuser-Busch.
A bottle.