Hi Guys,

I am so excited by some of the stories that I've read and I'm excited about the ones to follow. I just wanted to encourage you that if you've planned to do a story or video - just do it!

Don't get hung up on perfectionism....in order to build momentum in our lives we have to be willing to fail or to do something that isn't perfect. We have to be willing to do the things we tell ourselves we're going to do...because when we follow through on things...it's encouraging and the results are often surprising...and this is way more important than having it be right or perfect.

The saying that if you can't do it right don't do it all is WRONG...and Cursed would not exist if we thought that way because while I love this story, it's imperfectly perfect!

So don't despair about perfection --- just express yourself in a meaningful and fun way! It matters!

Share what's in your heart!