1. How will co-promoting and marketing with Cursed further my brand identification and create new relationships that will benefit my company?

  • Cursed provides low cost advertising with high value return.
  • Because Cursed is a dynamic, new scripted supernatural drama available in 25 million households. Advertisers have the rare opportunity to brand with expensive, original content.
  • Viewers will be exposed to your product or service creating and sustaining new relationships.
  • Story Integration allows viewers to consider your product in new creative ways.
  • Cursed provides the opportunity for marketers to obtain exclusivity and promote at events, on the website and the television show.

Please see Marketing Plan Packages for the opportunity to shape viewers perception of your product and company.

2. Is this a sound investment in my marketing dollars?

Creating a marketing alliance with Cursed will allow viewers to see your product in favorable ways. The low introductory prices for new marketers that Cursed offers create a virtual risk free investment and an opportunity to grow with the show.

3. What is the shelf life of television products?

Cursed is available online and provides a long shelf life for advertisers as fans discover the show for years to come. Also, Cursed episodes will continue to find new markets providing the opportunity for not only continued exposure but growing exposure.

4. How does advertising on Cursed compare with magazine, newspaper and other internet and television opportunities?

Commercials, Sponsorship and Product Placements are the most effective most widely used vehicles of top marketers. It is the most widely used form of advertising because of its effectiveness. Because magazines go out of circulation monthly, and because they rely on regular purchase by the consumer, and due to the dropping numbers of magazine and newspaper purchases among readers, television and the internet provide more opportunities for marketers. Cursed is available for free on Video On Demand and to Los Angeles Viewers of KDOC-LA.

5. Will an early relationship with BrownGirl Television and Cursed be beneficial in the long run?

BrownGirl Television Rewards Early Marketing Partners. We Are Focused On Creating Long Term Relationships and Strategic Alliances.

6. Are the producers of Cursed open to interesting co-branding ideas?

Yes. Again, we are most interested in creating rewarding relationships with marketers that can benefit from our value.

7. Can we trade other types of value outside of cash?

Quite possibly. BrownGirl Television recognizes that our potential partners may have creative ideas that will provide rewarding relationships.

8. Can the terms of our agreement be negotiated?

Yes. Please download our Insertion Agreement. If there are provisions you would like listed, like exclusivity in certain areas, please email us at

9. Can I purchase product placement or other items from Cursed for an extended period of time?

Quite possibly. Make us an offer!

10. Can I purchase ad space on Cursed at the introductory prices for as long as a year?

Yes. There may be a small maturation fee.

11. How does BrownGirl Television get the word out about Cursed?

BrownGirl Television has a growing list of promotional partners! We're avid partners as well. Please check growing our list of partners!