It's Palm Sunday. The Inspiration of Cursed.

Palm Sunday is the day we remember and are encouraged by Jesus valiant entry into Jerusalem seven days before the ultimate sacrifice and resurrection. It's this amazing story of connection and sacrifice that encouraged me to write Cursed. If you're a Christian than you know that if you accept Jesus as your savior your sins have been atoned for. What if that wasn't the case? Do you take your gift of salvation for granted? In the story of Cursed, Crystal can't.

Writing Cursed: Episode Two

When Curseds' pilot episode was released, I'd already written 6 more. I had it all laid out...until I heard from you. After a very challenging time and a commitment to improve what I started I'm finally finished with the next part of this angel story. I believe I've improved what I started. You wanted to know more about the history of Crystal and I wanted to tell a story that mattered. I didn't want Cursed to have gratuitous violence or to rely on violence for shock value. The truth is shocking enough. I think this episode of Cursed will improve greatly from episode one, and will have some surprising, ground breaking and dare I say it...never seen before story telling....Now that I'm basically through that arduous, soul wrenching, process I'm looking forward to sharing everything that happens from here to our shoot and beyond.... If you haven't seen Cursed yet please click here to view...If you have any questions please visit our fan page...

Angels. Do They Exist?

Hebrews 13:2 - Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

The Bible tells us Angels live.

The Mission of Earth Angels (an excerpt from Are You An Earth Angel by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

The Earth Angels’ Vital Mission

Not everyone is an Earth Angel, of course—for this role, God called in the biggest and brightest sparks of light for the transition to the New Age of Peace. Those humans who aren’t Earth Angels are living lives purely for their own growth, rest, or enjoyment. They may seem dense or decidedly unspiritual, yet they’re Divine sparks of life, too. Their lives have simply been dedicated to human, Earthly concerns.

If you’re an Earth Angel, then you’re a powerful lightworker with a legacy of healing and miracles behind and in front of you. You accepted your Divine assignment to come to Earth and spread your teachings and healing energies. How has your assignment been so far? If you’ve had difficulty adjusting to Earthly life, then you’ll probably find answers, comfort, and guidance by remembering your spiritual origin.

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