YURI BROWN - "Crystal Jones"

Crystal believes that if she shows she doesn't stand with evil she can make her way back to heaven.

Yuri Brown has starred in films opposite Snoop Doog, LL Cool J and Beyonce. She's also worked on CSI:NY and The District.

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SEAN BLAKEMORE - "John Washington"

Agent Washington hires Crystal for a very specific assignment. In this episode, we see if  Crystal can be the Agent her new boss has challenged her to be.

Sean Blakemore is the handsome, sexy actor that plays Shawn on General Hospital.  His diverse career includes roles in hit films like Star Trek, Columbus and Woman Thou Art Loosed.

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Luther is an Angel whose decisions and leadership in Heaven delivers grave consequences...Soon Crystal and Luther will meet again...and the reunion will be heated.

Richard T. Jones is a distinguished actor who has played in many memorable box office movies. You've seen him in Godzilla, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles and Why Did I Get Married.

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JOHN WESLEY - "Vincent Jones"

Vincent is a fallen angel destined to live his life in an earthly existence and he accepts that until he's forced to take a stand.

John Wesley has played in over 100 tv shows and films. You may remember him from Medium, Remember the Titans or All of Us. John Wesley won an NAACP award for his fine acting this year.

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LOUIS SKI CARR - "Gustavo"

Gustavo is the resident bad guy in Cursed reappearing as brother to Juarez from Battle to the Sky. His evil is so penetrating he appears to rule two realms....

Louis Ski Carr is a classically trained actor that you have  seen in Gang Related,  Holes, Belly 2 and Soul Train.  

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Kelly is a fellow Agent. She supports Crystal though she's not quite sure the end results will be good for the Agency.

Jackie played Wesley Snipes love interest in Hard Luck.



Jose is the low level bad guy along for the ride with Gustavo. His world collides with Crystals in a way that changes her universe.

Eddie is known for films Electronica, Broken Dreams and Black Russian.


JAMES BLACK - "John Gerrard Williams"

John Gerrard is in love with Crystal but he has secrets
all his own.

James Black has been in several series. You may remember him from Six Feet Under, All of Us, Fashion House, Starter Wife. James was also in Soderburghs' Out of Sight.

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ALEX SKINNER - "Harris Jones"

Harris has a deep resentment towards a mother who hasn't come all the way clean.

Alex Skinner is a new actor. He's a recent college graduate that does a great impression of President Barack Obama.

ROY WERNER - "Thomas Wise"

Thomas Wise has a love hate relationship with his work. We'll see where this takes him.

Roy Werner has recently starred in The Event and Desperate Housewives. Roy has starred in over 100 television shows and movies.